Clarinet Lessons

How much does it cost?
I charge $60.00 for a private 1 hour lesson. 
I do not recommend it but for some students I will give a 30-minute lesson for $40.00.
I take Cash or Check . . . maybe even barter . . . can't hurt to ask

Where do I go for Private Clarinet lessons? 


  • My music studio located in Felton (15 minutes from downtown Santa Cuz or 15 minutes from downtown Boulder Creek)

Dale’s congenial style will be an added feature for children or adults. Lesson time with him is usually fun as well as motivating, so students will be discovering their instruments and themselves as creative individuals at the same time.

The conclusion is this guy is a skilled professional whether you observe him teaching his students, watch him perform with the internationally renowned Nuclear Whales Saxophone Orchestra, Hot Club Pacific or with one of the many musically diverse local bands he plays with.